Gender Detection

Free online gender detection. All you need is a facial photo, and the AI model will recognition your gender. Compared with human eye recognition, using machine learning models can more accurately identify the gender of people in photo. The photos you upload are only used for gender detection and will not be used for other purposes. The photos will be automatically deleted after the test is completed, so you don’t have to worry about privacy leakage.

Here are some tips for you

Why do men and women look different?

Because male and female physiology structure is different, and secondary sexual characteristics in adulthood are also different. In addition, male and female hormone secretion is different, so the facial features of male and female will be significantly different.

What is the relationship between looks and genetic?

A person's appearance mainly comes from the genetic of their parents. Even twins don't look exactly the same due to genetic diversity.

How to recognition my gender?

We used millions of photos to train a gender prediction model while complying with privacy regulations. At present, the prediction accuracy of this model is very high, and it can accurately identify the gender of the person in the photo.